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iframe Dynamic Height Script

After the IFRAME is loaded, you can then change the height by doing the following: <script type=”text/javascript”> function iframeLoaded() { var iFrameID = document.getElementById(‘idIframe’); if(iFrameID) { // here you can make the height, I delete it first, then I make it again iFrameID.height = “”; iFrameID.height = iFrameID.contentWindow.document.body.scrollHeight + “px”; } } </script> Then, on the IFRAME tag, […]

Improving Website Performance

Here are some helpful hints that could help improve your website performance: If your website is a WordPress site, implement a good cache plugin that will preload pages, minify css and javascript. This will result in a huge performance increase. Utilize the nginx options in Plesk for server cache (supported on our Linux Hosting) Optimize […]

Remove Post Category from WordPress Widgets

In WordPress, if you want to remove a specific Post Category from the “Categories” widget you will first need to identify the ID of the specific category you wish to hide. You can locate the ID within the WordPress dashboard then by going to Posts > Categories. Hover your mouse over the Category in question […]

Change IP address to Exclusive IP address (POA)

Here are the steps to change from a shared IP address to a dedicated / New Exclusive IP address. If you have an older WN300 subscription or higher you can start right away. If you have a Web Hosting or WebSolo or higher subscription, you will need to first purchase an IP address before you […]

Enable Exclusive IP Address (POA)

With the Windows Shared Web Hosting accounts (for the WN-300 and above or WebSolo, WebTeam, or WebPro plas), there exists the ability to add an exclusive dedicated IP Address to the hosting for a website under one of those plans. From the hosting control panel you will need to change the ip for that site […]

Cold Fusion DSN not working

I want to use a database with Cold Fusion, I created a DSN but it doesn’t work. Why? At this time, after you create your DSN/ODBC through the customer control panel. InfoQuest Support will have to manually add the DSN in the Cold Fusion Admin Interface you created through the customer control panel. Please contact InfoQuest […]

Using CDOSYS without authentication (POA)

Here is the code that you’ll need to use using CDOSYS with POA without authentication Please note you will want to replace the FROM and TO fields with valid email addresses. ———- code starts below here ——— <% ‘ Build HTML for message body strHTML = “<HTML>” strHTML = strHTML & “<HEAD>” strHTML = strHTML […]

Using CDOSYS with authentication (POA)

Using CDOSYS with Authentication ———- code starts below here ——— <!–METADATA TYPE=”typelib” UUID=”CD000000-8B95-11D1-82DB-00C04FB1625D” NAME=”CDO for Windows 2000 Library” –> <!–METADATA TYPE=”typelib” UUID=”00000205-0000-0010-8000-00AA006D2EA4″ NAME=”ADODB Type Library” –> <% Dim objMail Set objMail = Server.CreateObject(“CDO.Message”) Set objConfig = Server.CreateObject(“CDO.Configuration”) ‘Configuration: objConfig.Fields(cdoSendUsingMethod) = cdoSendUsingPort objConfig.Fields(cdoSMTPServer)=”YOUR-MAIL-SERVER-HOSTNAME” objConfig.Fields(cdoSMTPServerPort)=25 objConfig.Fields(cdoSMTPAuthenticate)=cdoBasic objConfig.Fields(cdoSendUserName) = “” objConfig.Fields(cdoSendPassword) = “xxxxxxxx” ‘Update configuration objConfig.Fields.Update Set objMail.Configuration […]

Using a Web.Config Redirect (POA)

Here is an example code of how to do a redirect using a web.config file. web.config 301 redirect This example will redirect single pages to a new location. Let say the new pages of your site have .html extensions and you want the new location to be its own directory (IE. will change to […]