Data Center

The New Rules for Choosing Physical Appliances in a Virtual World

Introduction The increased presence of virtualization in organizations hasn’t lessened the need for physical backup appliances. Follow these five steps to choose one that will work in a virtual world. In many cases, organizations are going virtual and making much better use of their server hardware simply by increasing the density of machines running on […]

The Financial Case for Moving to the Cloud

While using cloud computing increases opex costs, CIOs should consider other financial factors before making a decision. August 20, 2015 Contributor: Laurence Goasduff Learn how you can “Get Smarter With Gartner” Many organizations are slow to adopt cloud computing due to confusion around the financial impact of its implementation and management.“Despite the hype, the uptake […]

What are the Benefits of Data Center Colocation

Data Center Colocation Services What are the benefits of Data center Colocation? Data center collocation is an affordable alternative to building your own computer room. The InfoQuest data center is built for redundancy in the areas of power, cooling, and Network. This redundancy means your equipment will always be on, located in a climate controlled […]

Top 10 Reasons to use Data Center Colocation

While using colocation services at a data-center are becoming more common every day, many businesses still choose to host their services in-house. What are the top 10 reasons a business should make the move to a local data-center and use colocation services? InfoQuest, a provider of colocation services in Pennsylvania, provides some of the main […]