Virtual Private Servers

How can I copy files to and from my CentOS or Linux VPS (POA)

The easiest way to transfer files to and from your CentOS VPS is using SFTP. This runs over SSH and is available to be used by default with no configuration changes needed on your VPS. It will work with your root user or any other user you create. A free SFTP and FTP client that […]

How do I install an application on my CentOS VPS using yum (POA)

First connect to your VPS using an SSH client like Putty. If you are following directions on installing an application, it will typically give you the correct command like “yum install application” If you don’t know the application name, you can get a list using command:  yum list | more OR yum list | grep […]

How do I connect to my CentOS VPS and get a shell prompt (POA)

You need to use a SSH client to connect to your VPS to get a shell prompt/command prompt. Connecting using an SSH client is encrypted and should be used instead of telnet. A small and free SSH client is Putty and can be downloaded from It’s an exe and there is no need to […]

How do I tell how much memory I have available on my CentOS VPS (POA)

First connect to your CentOS VPS using an SSH client like Putty. Enter the command:  free -m This will show you in megabytes (mb) how much memory you have, how much is used and how much is available. Remember 1024mb is equal to 1gb of memory. It’s important to not run out of memory. If […]

Adding Domains to your VPS (POA)

Here are the steps you would take to add a domain name to your VPS if you use Plesk and are doing DNS through our network. 1. Log into the POA Control Panel with your main account’s username and password.. 2. Click on “Hosted Domains“. 3. Click “Add Existing Domain Name Registered Elsewhere“. 4. Type […]

How do I login to Plesk for my VPS (POA)

Here are the step to log into your Plesk Control Panel from POA Control panel. 1. Login at the POA Control Panel  with your main account’s username and password. 2. Once logged in you’ll see a link that says “Login via IP Address” under the Parallels Plesk Panel section at the bottom left hand side […]

Adding Domain to Plesk Control Panel (POA)

If you’re using InfoQuest’s Name Servers for DNS for your VPS in Plesk, here are the steps to adding a domain to your VPS. 1. Log into the Customer Control Panel with your main admin account’s username and password. 2. From the “Home” tab, click the “Hosted Domains” Link at the bottom right hand corner. […]