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Restarting your VPS through Customer Control Panel.

There may be time where you can't access your VPS through Plesk or RDP due various reasons and you'll need to restart your server.

Below are the steps to take to restart your VPS through the customer control panel whether you have a Windows or Linux operating system.

1. Log into the Customer Control Panel with your main account's username and password.

2. From the "Home" tab, you'll see the "VPS Management" section in the middle of the page.

3. You'll see the "Stop" link, click the "Stop" link and it will take you to a new page.

4. At the top right hand corner next to the "Screen ID #", you'll see a 3/4 green circle with an arrow, click that to refresh the page to see at what point your VPS
   is shutting down.  (Note: Do NOT hit the F5 key to refresh your page.)

5. Click the "Refresh" link every 30 seconds until you see the "Start" link & the "Last Operation Finish Successfully".

6. Click the "Start" and hit the "Refresh" link until you see the "Last Operation Finish Successfully".

7. You've successfully restarted your VPS.

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