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What are the Benefits of Data Center Colocation

Data Center Colocation Services

What are the benefits of Data center Colocation?

Data center collocation is an affordable alternative to building your own computer room. The InfoQuest data center is built for redundancy in the areas of power, cooling, and Network. This redundancy means your equipment will always be on, located in a climate controlled environment, and accessible to you and your customers. Colocation is great for organizations interested in extending their own infrastructure or creating a hybrid offsite location for disaster recovery. Colocation provides a way for you to secure and protect your compute infrastructure and leverage the cost benefits of owning hardware. With collocation you know where your equipment is located and have physical access to the equipment at all times. Additionally, you have access to an on-site professional IT staff that’s available to assist any time.

What are the differences between Data center Colocation and Cloud Computing?

Data center Colocation and Cloud Computing are basically the same. They both provide a way to run applications on servers that reside in physical buildings “Data centers” connected to the Internet or private data networks. These Data centers, whether Colocation services like InfoQuest or Cloud services like Amazon AWS, are built with a focus on data redundancy, security, cooling capacity, and uninterrupted power. Cloud computing environments like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and others are gaining in popularity. These environments offer a way to consume virtual computer resources, disk storage, and application software in the “cloud” without having to purchase or manage physical computers.The key benefit of Cloud environments is they require no hardware investment, provide developers with the ability scale their compute resources up or down real-time, and build redundancy into their applications.Those benefits do however come at a considerable cost. Unlike Cloud Computing, in which you provision virtual resources on someone else’s equipment, Data center colocation allows you to place equipment you already own in a Colocation facility. For organizations that don’t need massive scale-ability and infinite redundancy, Colocation offers a considerable cost savings. For most organizations, The price of purchasing hardware and colocating that hardware in a Data center is significantly lower than utilizing the same resources in a Cloud environment.

How do we access our equipment once it's collocated?

Fully escorted access to the InfoQuest Data Center is available to Co-location customers at all times. An InfoQuest representative will meet you upon arrival, check your security credentials, document your visit, and provide you with access to your equipment. If vendors require access to equipment in your absence, you must coordinated those visits in advance through InfoQuest.

Can we utilize private 3rd party network connections?

Yes. InfoQuest offers both private Internet and point-to-point circuits for private use. A number of carriers have established a presence in our data center to facilitate these requests. Point-to-point circuits are a common way for organizations to create high speed data links between their office and the InfoQuest Data center.

About InfoQuest

InfoQuest is a privately owned and operated hosting and data center colocation provider located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Established in 1994, InfoQuest provides domain, email, website, server, desktop, phone and data center solutions to customers in 20 countries.  

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