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Outlook download for Hosted Exchange Users.

When you sign up for InfoQuest Hosted Exchange Services, the latest version of Outlook is available to download if you don't have Outlook on your PC.

Below are the steps to take to download the software to your PC to install.

1. Log into the Customer Control Panel with your Hosted Exchange email address and password.

2. Click on the Exchange Mailbox tab.

3. Click on the General link.

4. You'll see the Vendor's Outlook License section.

5. Click on the Download Outlook link.

6. For PC with Windows 64 bit operating systems, you'll download from the first page that comes up.
    (Whichever version of Outlook you choose, use the License Key associated with download link on that page.)

7. If you have a Windows 32 bit operation system, there is a link of the bottom of the page to download those supported versions.

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