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Setting up your Hosted Exchange account in Outlook 2010.

If you have "Hosted Exchange" hosting with InfoQuest.  Here are the steps you'll need to take to get it setup in Outlook 2010.

1. Wherever you're doing DNS for your domain, you need add a CNAME called "autodiscover" and have it point to "".

2. Example: Your domain name is,  you would create the CNAME "" and point it to "".

3. Once you've confirmed that DNS entry is resolving properly, you can not add your Host Exchange email account to your mail program.

4. Open Outlook.

5. Click on the File tab.

6. Click on the "+ Add Account" button.

7. An "Add Account" window will pop up.  You'll see "Auto Account Setup" in the top left.

8. Under "Your Name", type in your name how you created the account through the customer control panel. (Example: John Smith)

9. In the "Email Address" section, type in the email address you created in the customer control panel. (Example:

10. Type in your password you used when you created the account.

11. Type in your password again to confirm your password.

12. Click "Next". Outlook will look for your account.

13. If you typed in your email address and password correctly, you'll get the message: "You've successfully setup your email account. You will need to restart Outlook for this to take affect".

14. Restart Outlook, select your profile. Then Outlook will come up and set up the new profile for the first time.

15. That's it, you're ready to use your new account.

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