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iPhone / iPad Issue: "This message has no content."

When opening an email the message text/content isn't displayed and is replaced with a message reading "This message has no content.".

This can be an issue for any email service including Hosted Exchange.


This issue is specific to iPad/iPhone devices using the Mail app from Apple and is usually caused by the Mail app not downloading the entire email (just the email headers including the from and to email addresses and the message subject). A workaround found on the Apple community forums indicates that users should follow the steps below to access emails affected by this issue:

  1. Quit the Mail app by double clicking the Home button to show the screen with running and recently used apps.
  2. Each app icon will have a sample page above it. Find the Mail app icon. Flick up on the page (not the app icon) and the page will fly away and the app icon will disappear. This quits that app.
  3. Re-open the Mail app and try accessing the affected email again, this may resolve the issue.
  4. If this does not resolve the issue you may need to ask the sender to re-send their message.

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