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How to sign up for Hybrid Hosted Exchange services.

We can provide hosted Exchange accounts for a few mailboxes while the rest of their mailboxes continue to reside on another mail server.

Here is how it can be done. Your domain name is called; that email for is on another email server.

You would like to use a Hosted Exchange Server account at InfoQuest, here are the step to take below.

 1. Sign up for the Microsoft Hosted Exchange Service.     

 2. For the domain name of the subscription use (Where is says "yourdomain" you type in your domain without the extension. ie.., you would type in

 3. A hosted exchange subscription will be created in POA for the domain

 4. Login to the customer control panel, select Exchange Tab, Click Add New Mailbox. for username as

 5. Select the email box just created and click the “email addresses tab

 6. From the email addresses tab click the “change” button under the Primary E-mail address, click on the "custom email address" option

     and click next section and set the primary address to  This will result in the delivery of an email to the existing email address (at the existing mailserver) with instructions on how to approve this request. The  email you receive at will contain an authorization URL that when clicked will authorize the request on InfoQuest’s Hosted Exchange server.

 7. Once the authorization is complete, the email address created for the Hosted Exchange account will use as the primary

 8. From the email account of your existing mail server, setup forwarding so that forwards to This will cause email  sent to your existing host addressed to

     to automatically forward to your hosted exchange mailbox. 

     Since mail sent to is now forwarding to InfoQuest’s Hosted Exchange server you should set the

     option at your original host not to keep a copy  of the forwarded email.  This way the email box at

     your original host will not fill up.

  9. Then test it.  Send an email to  Logon to your InfoQuest Hosted Exchange account through

     Outlook Web Access by visiting and login as   You should see the test

     email  sent to  Reply to the test email and it will be returned to the recipient.  They will see your     

     return address as displayed as

 10. In addition to using Outlook Web Access you can now connect to your Hosted exchange account through Outlook

       by following the download and configuration instructions in InfoQuest Hosted Exchange control panel.

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