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Migrate InfoQuest Email to Hybrid Hosted Exchange

So you or some of your users have outgrown standard InfoQuest email and are interested in moving their mail hosting to our Microsoft Hosted Exchange. After you purchase your Hosted Exchange subscription follow these instructions to successfully migrate each user over to Hosted Exchange:

STEP 1: Select Hosted Exchange subscription > Click Account Tab > Click Buy Additional Resources > Select Hosted Exchange subscription, Click Next >  Increase Resource Limit “Additional Mailbox with 2gb” > Click Next  > Click Place Order.

 Once the order processes you can now create the new Exchange mailbox. Select Hosted Exchange subscription > Click Exchange Tab > Click Add New Mailbox > Create new service user (ie: Enter Display Name > Under Login in existing domain enter the first part of the email address and select from the Dropdown then enter your password, Click Next > Change Size Limit to desired limit, default size included 2048MB (2GB) > Check the boxes Outlook Web Access (OWA), Outlook Access, and ActiveSync > Click Finish. 

STEP 3:  Click Exchange Tab > Click Display Name > Click Email Addresses Tab > Click Change > Select Custom email addresses, Click Next > Enter the actual email address (ie, Click Finish. This sends an email to the current live mailbox, login to locate the email and click the link to authorize access. Note this does not change the login because the existing service user still is using

STEP 4:  Select older mail hosting subscription > Click Mail Tab > Click Display Name > Click Forwarding Tab > Click Forward List > Click Add Forwarding Email Address > enter the exchange user (ie

STEP 5:  Select EX-SMB subscription > Click Exchange Tab > Click Display Name > Click View Setup Info to the right of Outlook Access > Click the link to download the Outlook Profile Configuration Script. Run this script which creates a new profile in Outlook and configures the Exchange mailbox for you. Once you have the new Exchange Profile you can then export a pst file from the existing profile and then import that pst file into the new exchange profile.

STEP 6a:  The last step is changing the login, there are two parts to this. Part 1 – Select WN-100s subscription > Click Users Tab > Click the Display Name of the old Email User (Look for Email Service) > Click Edit > Click Custom Login > Enter Dummy Email (example > Click Submit

STEP 6b:  Click Users Tab > Click the Display Name of the new Email User (Look for Exchange Service) > Click Edit > Click Login in existing domain > Select in the Dropdown > Click Submit

Note: If you need additional space Follow step #1 except increase the Resource Limit “Additional 1gb storage” > Click Next Click Place Order.

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