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How to setup Exchange using Outlook 2016

First make sure your domain has the correct autodiscover record added with your DNS Hosting provider. If you don't already have the autodiscover record or if you're unsure, you can either contact your DNS Hosting Provider or add it yourself if you have sufficient access.

1. Create a CNAME record called autodiscover.[yourdomainname] which points to Note: replace [yourdomainname] with your actual domain name.

After you've added or confirmed the autodiscover DNS record exists you can proceed to the steps you take to setup your Hosted Exchange mailbox in Outlook 2016.

2. Open Outlook 2016

3. Click the File Tab > Click Add Account

4. Enter your Name, Email Address, and Password > Click Next to begin the automatic account setup.

5. Once the setup completes > Click Finish to complete the account setup.

If you have any questions contact our support via 1-800-622-4403 for additional assistance. 

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