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Buying a Digital Certificate through InfoQuest.

Here are the step you take to purchase a certificate through InfoQuest.

1.      Browse to buy an SSL certificate, and select which certificate you'd like to purchase.

2.      Select how many years you want to buy the certificate for.

3.      Leave “Certificate Request (CSR), empty, click Continue.

4.      Fill in the information on the next page.

5.      Bits: Leave at 2048

6.      Type in your Common Name (domain name) example:

7.      Fill in your country, email address, City, Organizational Unit Name: example: Headquarters, Online Sales…etc.

8.      Organization Name, and State, then click Continue

9.      On the next page you'll see your CSR Generated. Copy and paste the CSR into note pad for safe keeping.

10.  Web Server Type, select “Microsoft Internet Information Server” if you're hosting with InfoQuest
(If you have your own server or hosting somewhere else, select the type of server you're on from the drop down list.)

11.  At the “Approval Email”, make sure it is either the email address on the domain name record or an email address associated with the domain: example: It will also give you a list you can chose from.

12.  Fill in the Job Title.

13.  You’ll see the “Private Key" ” THIS IS IMPORTANT!” You’ll need to copy and paste that into note pad and save it on your desktop or on your c drive somewhere, you’ll need it later for certificate.

14.  Click Continue.

15.  At Customer Login, (If you are already a InfoQuest customer) select “Yes” and login and then accept the terms, very they payment method and then place the order. If you're not an InfoQuest customer, then you'll select "No" and fill in the information and then place the order.

16.  An email will get sent to the “Approval Email Address” you typed into the order.  You’ll click on the link in the email and approve the certificate.

(ATTENTION: InfoQuest Web Hosting Customer's Only): If you have hosting with InfoQuest, follow the steps below to install your certificate through your customer control panel.)

17.  Once you receive the certificate, Log into the Customer Control Panel with your main account's username and password.

18.  Click on the “Websites” tab.

19.  Select your domain.

20.  Click on the “SSL” (Setup SSL for your website) link on the right side of the page.

21.  Click on “Install New Certificate”.

22.  Select “Clipboard” option, click Next.

23.  Copy and paste the certificate from the email GeoTrust sends you.

24.  Cut paste the “Private CSR” key you saved to your desktop, click next then Finish.

25.  Then click “Install CA Certificate

26.  Choose the clipboard option.

27.  From the GeoTrust email, copy and paste the CA certificate in, click Next, then Finish.

28.  You've completed installing your digital certificate and CA certificate.

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