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Transfering your domain name to InfoQuest.

Here are the steps you need to take to transfer your domain name registration to InfoQuest.

1. Contact your current domain name registrar and have them unlock the domain.

2. Make sure Whois privacy is turned "Off".

3. Make sure the contact information on the domain name is current and up to date.

4. Once you’ve confirmed that the contact information on the domain name is correct, have them send you the transfer auth code.

5. Once you’ve confirmed the domain name is unlocked, whois privacy is disabled and you have the transfer auth code browse to this following link: Transfer Domain

6. Type in the domain name in the “Transfer Domain Registration” section and click the Transfer button.

7. Select if you want Whois Privacy enabled or not, click Continue.

8. Click Continue again.

9. If you have an account, click the “Yes” button at the “Are you already a customer?” Login with your information, then agree to the Terms and submit the order.

10. If don’t have an account with InfoQuest, keep the button checked “No” and fill in the information and then submit the order.

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