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Switching over to Hosted Exchange Mail Services Procedures

OVERVIEW: This article is a step by step instructions on how to create a backup of your current Outlook profile and how to import it into your new Hosted Exchange account you have with InfoQuest.

Below are the step by step instructions on how to setup your Hosted Exchange email accounts in Outlook. It will also explain how to import your existing email, contacts, and calendar event into your Hosted Exchange account after you’ve set up the new profile in Outlook.
First you’ll want to make a backup of your existing contacts, email and calendar events that you have in your existing POP3 Outlook profile now.
The following procedures are for Outlook 2010. (Pictures below in order of each step.)

1. Open Outlook, click on “File” tab.

2. Click Options, then Advance.

3. Then click on the Export button and click on the "Export to File" option, then click next.

4. Select the Outlook Data File (.pst) option.

5. Select the Account your exporting.

6. Click the Browse button & Save the backup file to your desktop for easy access to that file.

7. Make sure you type in a name that you'll remember on the desktop and click "OK" then click Finish.

8. A password box will pop up, don't type anything in, just click "OK".

9. You'll see the backup (.pst) file on your desktop.

10. Now log into the customer control panel at with the Hosted Exchange email address and password you created.

11. Once logged in click on the "Exchange Mailbox" tab.Then click on the "General" link.

12. Then click on "View Setup Info" link to the right of the "Outlook Access" link under Mailbox Access section.

13. You'll see the Outlook 2003 & 2007 Configuration Script section, click on "Download Outlook Profile Configuration Script" link, this will work on 2010 & 2013 as well".

14. You'll be asked to save the file to your PC, save it to your desktop.

15. Make sure Outlook is shut down completely. Then double click on the profile script you saved to your desktop. Outlook will start up and prompt you to type in your email address and password for the Hosted Exchange account. It will ask you to type in your password to your account a couple times to authenticate. Then you’ll see at the bottom of your Outlook , “All folders up to date” Connected to Microsoft Exchange.

16. Now that you’ve setup your profile and you’re connected to the Exchange Server, it is now time to “Import” your backup to your new profile. Click on File, then Options, then Advance again and select “Import from another program or file”.

17. From the Import a File window, click on the Outlook Data File (.pst) and click next.

18. You'll click the Browse button and fine the backup file you saved to your desktop earlier.

19. Click on Desktop, find the backup file on the Desktop, select it and click Open.

20. Choose "Replace duplicates with items imported".

21. Click and Highlight the top "Outlook Data File". Make sure "Include subfolders" is checked and check the button "import items into same folder in" and click Finish. Then click the "OK" button on the option screen.

22. That’s it, you’ve completed setting up Outlook and importing your email, contacts and calendar events into your Hosted Exchange email account.
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