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How do I upgrade Plesk to the latest available Major version

Please read this article completely before upgrading Plesk on your VPS.

Make a backup of your VPS.  Visit here for the InfoQuest KB Article instructions for this process.

Login to your Plesk control panel.

Go to "Tools & Settings" option under "Server Management".  

Choose the "Updates and Upgrades" option under the "Plesk" section.  This will launch a new windows to choose components 

Click on the "Install or Upgrade Product"  option at the top of the screen.

You'll see a list of "Available upgrade" options.

If there's any problems, the Plesk updater will display a warning before continuing. 

If no problems are found, the upgrade will continue.

Click here to notify InfoQuest support once you've upgraded your Plesk version. 

Support will synchronize your accounts Plesk version to your subscription.

NOTE: Plesk Onyx isn't fully supported on our version of the Odin control panel (  We have successfully upgraded and tested both Windows and Linux VPS's with Plesk Onyx and all integrated functions are working without any reported problems.  Upgrade at your own discretion.

InfoQuest offers Professional Support Services and can perform this upgrade for you if needed.  Contact support to get a quote today.

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