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How to install an SSL Certificate in Plesk (VPS) .

Here are the step by step instructions on how to add a SSL certificate through Plesk.

1. Log into the Customer Control Panel with your main account's username and password.

2. Once logged in you'll see a link that says "Login via IP Address" under the Parallels Plesk Panel section at the bottom left hand side of the Home page.

3. Once you click on that link, a new window will come up, you might get a certificate warning, just click continue, then your Plesk Panel will come up.

4. Click on "Domains" on the left hand column. Select your domain you'd like to manage.

5. Click on the "SSL Certificates" Icon.

6. Click "Add SSL Certificate" link.

7. Fill out the Certificate Name, the Country, State, City, Organization Name (Company), Department, Domain name (Exampe:, Email.

8. Once all fill out, click on the "Request" button.

9. Then you'll see an Icon show up with the name you typed in under Certificate name, click on it.

10. You'll see the "CSR" listed below. You'll need to copy everything from -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- to -----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- and paste it into NotePad.

11. If you're buying your certificate through InfoQuest, click here to buy your SSL Certificates
      (Note: If you're buying from another certificate company, skip to step 20.)

12. Select the type you want to buy by clicking the "Order Now" button under the column you select.

13. Select how many years you want to buy for.

14. (A MUST!!!) Copy and paste the CSR you generated in Plesk into the "Certificate Request (CSR) "box on the page, click Continue.

15. Next page, for "Web Server Type" select "Plesk" from the drop-down list.

16. For the "Approval Email" It will either need to be an email address on the domain name records or and email address associated with the domain name.
       (Example: Domain ""), You'll see the acceptable list right above the
       "Approver Email" section.

17. Fill in Job Title, and make sure all the information for the "Certificate Info" is correct. Then click Continue.

18. You're an existing customer, check the "Yes" box and "Login". Verify your Billing information and Submit the order.

19. An email will get sent to the "Approver Email" address. Once you receive it, follow the instructions in the email to get the certificate approved.

20. Once you receive the certificate, follow steps 1 through 5.

21. Click on the Certificate Name you created in Plesk. Copy and paste the certificate they sent you into the Certificate window, then copy and paste the CA Certificate into the CA Certificate window and click on the "Upload Certificate" button.

22. At the top in your bread crumbs, click on your "domain". Then click on "Hosting Settings". 

23. You'll see the "Security" section. From the drop-down list, select the Certificate Name you created in Plesk, then click OK.

24. You have now enabled your SSL certificate for your site in Plesk

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