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How do I switch my Plesk control panel Interface view

1) Login to your Plesk control panel.  

2) Go to the "Tools & Settings" option under "Server Management".  

3) Click "Interface Management" under "Plesk Appearance"

4) Choose the "Select your interface" type you want and "Ok" button

The "Power User view" is a view intended for enabling a single, simplified interface for server administrators to manage their own websites, email accounts, and other services.

The "Service Provider viewoffers interfaces for use by the server administrator, resellers, and hosting end-users.
Service Provider is the only view that includes integration with Customer and Business Manager, the billing system for automatically invoicing and charging your customers.

Even if you use an external billing system, but require an interface for your customers to control their hosted services, you should use this view. 

Note: if in power user view, and your subscription expires, you may need to switch to the 
Service Provider view to re-eanble the subscription.

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