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Managing Your Domains in Plesk Panel

With the Plesk Panel in VPS Hosting Subscription, all major domain management operations - such as hosting set up, e-mail accounts creation and administration, FTP access, file management, etc., are performed in the Parallels Plesk Panel interface, not in the Customer Control Panel.

To proceed to managing the newly hosted domain(s) in Parallels Plesk Panel, perform the following steps:

1. Go to Plesk Panel.

2. Click the Login to Parallels Plesk Panel/VZPP via IP address or Login to Parallels Plesk Panel/VZPP via hostname link.

The Parallels Plesk Panel for your account opens.

Note: If access to Virtuozzo Power Panel is not allowed in your Subscription, the links are named Login to Parallels Plesk Panel via IP address and Login to Parallels Plesk Panel via hostname.

3. Select Domains in the Parallels Plesk Panel.

This opens the list of domains to which you have previously added Parallels Plesk Panel hosting in the CP.

For instructions on managing domains in Parallels Plesk Panel, refer to Parallels Plesk Panel Administrator's Guide (Links found in Plesk)

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