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Adding Plesk Panel Hosting to Domain

You can use the procedure below to add Plesk Panel hosting to any existing domain - including those to which already have Web or Mail hosting.

To add Parallels Plesk Panel hosting to a domain, perform these steps:

1. Select All Domains from the Subscription selector located at the top of the Control Panel screen.

2. Click on the name of a desired domain.

3. On the Summary tab, look at the Web Hosting and Mail Hosting areas to make sure that no hosting is added to the domain.
If a domain already has some hosting services added to (Apache, IIS, Qmail, etc.), you need first to remove all existing hosting services by clicking "Remove" hosting in the corresponding areas of the screen.

Wait till hosting services are removed and the Web/Mail hosting type values are set to None.

4 Click Add Hosting in the Web Hosting or Mail Hosting area.

5 From the Hosting drop-down list, select the Parallels Plesk Panel option and click Next.

6 From the Subscription drop-down list, select the Plesk Panel in VPS Hosting Subscription.

If access to services from different Subscriptions is disabled by your Provider, step 8 is missing from the wizard.

7 On the next screen, click Finish.

8 Back on the Summary tab, wait for the domain to become In Sync.

After a domain is hosted in Parallels Plesk Panel, it is marked as Parallels Plesk Panel in both Web Hosting and Mail Hosting columns on the All Domains and Domain Administration screens.

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