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How to generate a CSR, purchase & Install a SSL Certificate in the POA System

Here are the steps to generate a Certificate CSR and then install it after you've purchased your SSL Certificate.

Log into the Customer Control Panel

Click on Account Tab, then click Account Settings, then More Tools.

Click on SSL Certificates.

Click on "Create Certificate Signing Request" button.

Select 2048 bit, fill in your information.  Remember the Common name is ""  (Example:
Click Next. (Note: Information below is just an example, you need to fill in your information for your domain.)

Download and save both the Certificate Signing Request and Private Key Signing Request to your desktop, then click  the close button.

Use the Certificate Signing request Key to buy your certificate. 

Purchase your SSL Certificate through InfoQuest.

(Note: You will need the private key later when you go to install the new certificate in the customer control panel.)

Submit your order, an email will get sent to you to confirm the certificate, once you confirmed the certificate, they will send you the certificate to install in your control panel.

Once you've confirmed your certificate and it is emailed to you, you will take the new certificate and the Private Key and install it.

Log into the Customer Control Panel.

Click on "Website" tab at the top of your screen between the “Mail” & “Applications” tabs.

Click on the SSL link.

Click Install Certificate and Enable SSL,

Choose the clip board option, click Next

Copy and paste the new certificate you received from the "Certificate Company" in the one box and the private key in the other and click "Next".

Then click the "Finish" button to complete the install.

Then click on the Install CA Certificate button.

Select Clipboard again, click Next.

Copy and paste the CA certificate from the email you received from the Certificate company into the box and click Next.

Click Finish and you’ve completed installing your certificates for your site.

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