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Hybrid Email Hosting with Hosted Exchange

Using InfoQuest Email and Hosted Exchange on the Same Domain

InfoQuest can provide Hosted Exchange accounts for a few mailboxes while the rest of your mailboxes continue to reside on the existing mail server. To accomplish this follow these instructions.

To select the best Hosted Exchange subscription for your needs, Click here to check out our Hosted Exchange Plans, then click "Order Now" to under the column of the plan you want to checkout.

During the checkout process you will select your desired Subscription Period, Additional Exchange and SharePoint options. Click "Continue" to Find Your Domain. This is where you configure your split domain for Hosted Exchange.

In the "Register new subdomain" field enter "". Please substitute "yourdomain" for your actual domain name (example: InfoQuest). Click "Search". You will now see the domain under Order Details. Click Continue.

Next you will want to either log into your existing account or enter all required fields in order to setup a new account to submit your order.

Once the order completes you will receive a Welcome email letting you know your Hosted Exchange subscription is ready for use. 

Log into the Customer Control Panel. A hosted exchange subscription will be created for the domain

Within the customer control panel Click the Exchange Tab > Click Add New Mailbox > Create your mailbox (ie

After the mailbox is created Click the Display Name > Click Email Addresses Tab > Click the “change” button under the Primary E-mail address > Select Custom Email Address, click next > Check the box to "Synchronize Service User's login with primary e-mail address" and set the primary address to the actual email address (ie user@yourdomain)

This will result in the delivery of an email to the existing user@yourdomain email address (at the existing mail server) with instructions on how to approve this request.  The email you receive at user@yourdomain will contain an authorization URL that when clicked will authorize the request on InfoQuest’s Hosted Exchange server. Once the authorization is complete, the Hosted Exchange mailbox will use the actual email address instead of the split domain (ie

Once the Exchange mailbox is active, log into your existing mail server and setup forwarding so that user@yourdomain forwards to This will cause email sent to your existing host addressed to user@yourdomain to automatically forward to your Hosted Exchange mailbox.

Since mail sent to your old mail server is now forwarding to Hosted Exchange you should set the option to not to keep a copy of the forwarded email.

This way the old mailbox does not become full. That's it.

You can now setup your mailbox in the mail client of your choice or log into Outlook Web Access (OWA) by visiting

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