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Where can I find the FTP information for my POA account?

Here is where you can find your FTP IP address, username and password in the customer control panel. 

Log in the Customer Control Panel with your main account’s username and password.

Once logged in, click on the "Websites” tab. Click on your Domain name.

 On the next page, click on “Web Hosting Settings

At the bottom of the next page under the “FTP Configuration” section, you’ll see the IP address & Username. (Example below.)

Just use the IP address in your FTP program, do not type in ftp:// before the IP address.

You’ll see the username to the right of the “Login” section w00****

To view your password, click the Edit button, then click the View Password link and your password will appear.

To change the password, click the “Edit” Button, type in the password you want to use click the "Generate" link and the system will create one for you, write it down and then click the submit button.

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