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Errors configuring Outlook 2007 on Exchange Server 2013

If you get an error when trying to configure Outlook or Entourage for your exchange mailbox, you probably haven't created the autodiscover entry for your domain, here are the step below if you're doing DNS through InfoQuest.

Log into the Customer Control Panel with your main account's username and password.

Click on the "Hosted Domains" link.

Click on the domainname in question.

Click on the "DNS" tab.

Then click on "DNS Records".

If you don't see the entry (Example:, click the "Add New DNS Entry" link.

In the "DNS Record Type" drop down section, select "CNAME".

In the "Domain" section, type in "autodiscover".

In the "Canonical name" section, type in "" (Note: Make sure the period is a part of the entry.)

Then click the "Finish" button.

NOTE: If DNS for your domain is handled outside of InfoQuest's system, make sure a CNAME for autodiscover has been created as specified in your Hosted Exchange welcome message. This information is duplicated below for your convenience. Once your order has been processed, you will need to update your MX record with your current registrar. The change can be made by logging into your domain registration account (or whomever is doing your DNS) go to the section for DNS settings and changing the MX record to point to: and remove all other MX entries.
Once this change has been made, it may take several hours for the MX Record change to become effective (depending on the company that hosts yourdomain/DNS).Make sure you create a DNS CNAME entry pointing autodiscover.YOURDOMAINNAME to as listed above. This is required for the Exchange 2013 auto-discover capability which makes setting up Outlook very easy.

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