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Hosting Multiple Domains on One IP Address (SuperAccount)

Often, it may not be very cost effective to host client sites individually. Instead, you may want to store individual sites as subdirectories of a single main site, and then redirect incoming URLs to the proper client page. Fortunately, ASP makes this task fairly simple.

Putting it Together

The example below is the actual content of the ASP page.  This page should be the first page in your website (the main wwwroot directory) and the filename should be index.asp or default.asp.

For our example, let's suppose we have a main Web site at Now, in addition, we have two clients that have domains of and  We decide to create subdirectories for each of the clients and redirect the domains to the appropriate page.  You will need to decide how to manage your site content and file structure.  It's recommended that you place each website in their own subdirectory with unique and easily identifiable directory names.  The Example shows the main page's completed code; The ASP code should be the only content of the ASP page, no HTML is needed.


<% @Language = "VBScript" %>
<% Option Explicit
Response.Buffer = True

Dim HostURL
HostURL = LCase(Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_HOST"))

Response.Status = "301 Moved Permanently"

'*  this select/case will check a list of domains
'*  that are assigned to your account.  Make sure
'*  you use lowercase values for the domain names
'*  and URL's

Select Case HostURL ' Find which site to redirect to

    Case "", ""
        Response.AddHeader "Location", ""

    Case "", ""
        Response.AddHeader "Location", ""

    Case "", ""
        Response.AddHeader "Location", ""

    Case Else ' Default to main page
        Response.AddHeader "Location", ""

End Select


The Result

A quick way to send traffic for your domains to their appropriate content.  From this example, if a web visitor would browse they would be redirected to it's main web page (index.htm):

Once the visitor has reached the main page of the website (by the above script), the navigation and links for the domain will be relative to the "thirdwebsitedirectory" directory.

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