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How to configure Android using Microsoft Exchange

The following information will assist you with setting up your Hosted Exchange mailbox with your Android Phone.

* Please confirm you have an CNAME record in your DNS named autodiscover."domain name" pointing to

* ActiveSync needs to be enabled through the Customer Control Panel

To Setup Exchange open the Email Application > In the top left corner select the Menu icon > select the Gear icon > select Add New Account.

Enter your Email Address > Enter your Password > Select Sign In > Select Microsoft Exchange

If you receive a security warning, select Continue. By default it's going to try to use your domains certificate which ultimately won't be used after you complete the process. You will be using our Exchange server's certificate once the account setup is complete.

Make sure the username matches the login for the email address. You can confirm this within your Customer Control Panel; "Home" tab, then click on "Mailboxes".

Enter exchange server

Select Next > Follow On Screen Prompts to configure your preferences and complete the setup.

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