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Export Contacts from Old Webmail Interface to New Webmail Interface (POA)

Starting May 18th 2018 our web mail interface for shared hosting customers will be replaced. It is already live but you still will have access to the old interface in order to export your contacts until 5/18/18. To export your contacts from the previously web mail interface follow these steps:

Step 1: Login to the previous web mail interface via

Step 2: At the top, click the "Contacts" Tab.

Step 3: Once at the contacts tab, click the "Gear" icon under the tabs.

Step 4: Click "Export all", then click ".csv or .vcf" (personal preference) and proceed to saving the file to your desktop.

Step 5: Once you’ve exported your contacts successfully, you can login to the new web mail interface via 

Step 6: Once logged into the new interface, click "Contacts" in the top right corner.

Step 7: Click "Import" in the top left corner.

Step 8: Click "Choose file" then navigate to your desktop and select the .csv or .vcf file you previously exported.

Step 9: Click import to import your contacts.

NOTE: If you have multiple contact groups, you will need to download each group, then import them all to the new interface. The new interface will only import the contacts, it will not import the group name.  You will need to create the group again and move those addresses from the main list to those new groups you create in the new webmail interface.

Congratulations, you have successfully exported your contacts from the old web mail interface to the new web mail interface. If you have any questions please contact technical support via 1-800-622-4403 option 2 or email

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