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InfoQuest: Create a user for a specific subscription in Plesk.

Here are the step to create a user for a specific subscription in Plesk if you don't want the specific user to have access to any of there subscriptions on your VPS (Virtual Private Server).

1. Log into your Plesk control panel (Example: with the main Admin Username &
    Password. (NOTE: Where the zeros are in the URL above is where your server's IP address goes.)

2. Click on the Subscriptions link on the left hand side.

3. Click on the subscription you want to create the user for.

4. Click on the Users tab at the top, click Add New User.

5. Type in the Contact Name, then email address, then select the USER role you want them to have.
    Unless you want this user to have full access to the subscription, we recommend selecting WebMaster Role.

6. Select the specific subscription you want them to have from the Access to subscription section.

7. Type in the Username you want to create for them.

8. Either type in a password you wish for them to have or click the button to generate a password for them.

9. Click Submit and then they'll have access to the Plesk control panel admin url link and have access to that
subscription only.

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