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Managing your domains through the "" interface.

Here are the step to manage or renew your domain name if you've bought the domain name through our "" interface.

1.    Browse to

2.    Click on the “Manage” link.

3.    Type in your username and password.

4.    You’ll see the option to check the box to the left of your domain, check the box and click the option to renew at the bottom.

5.    At the top you’ll see is spinning to check the status of your domain, then click proceed.

6.    It will give you the option to select how many years you want to renew for.

7.    Then you’ll click next to proceed. It will ask for the credit card you want to use and then you’ll click the option to proceed.

8.    A page will come up telling you that everything has gone through and what you’ll see on the credit card statement.

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